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by Ruby L., 19 year old Self proclaimed know it all from Vancouver


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So! I’m not dead yet! There has just been way too many things going on with life I feel as though this summer will not be long enough for me to do everything I want to accomplish so I’m going to take advice from my friend, Christina, and draw up some goals I want to accomplish each month.

May Goals:
+Start living an active lifestyle: Do cardio workouts 3 days a week and weights 2 times a week.
+BLOG more! There are so many things I want to share with you guys, but I unfortunately procrastinate too much and end up not doing it. So I am going to commit to writing something at least once every 4 days.
+Make an online tutorial (or at least a tutorial).
+Elaborate and share my thoughts and plans
+Post one review of a product/book that I have read.
+Do at least one more photo shoot before the month ends
+Give back. Smile. And do something for one person. Do this every single day! ;D

There are some other things I would like to share with you guys, and I will get to that in probably a day or two.

One of them is me starting out a healthy-living plan; I am following the plan from Ann Louise Gittleman’s Fat Flush Plan with modifications according to my lifestyle. I will hopefully adapt to this plan, (Detox & Lifestyle) within 2 months. I may or may not create a separate page with my before/after pictures, documenting journal entries and the like—I found it was hard to find resources online of people “modifying” a specific “diet” plan and seeing the results from that. So hopefully I will be able to change that and give others a snapshot of what I’m doing!
    I am also going to start a workout called TurboJam—and I will let you guys know how I’m doing with that as well!

Another thing is that I am going to start creating tutorials! Yes, they are make-up tutorials. But one thing you may or may not know about me is that I have monolids (single eyelid, with no crease). I will be focusing on a lot of eye-make up tutorials for girls that have eyes such as these, as well interviews with make-up artists to see what their techniques are! Watch out for those! (After I subscribe to youtube…)

There will be a lot more posts coming up! I am so excited!

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by Ruby L., 19 year old girl from Vancouver


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by Ruby L., 19 year old girl from Vancouver


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004: Change. somethings must.

Sometimes, I look back at what happened during my day and I smile…simply because I accomplished something. Most of the time, I look back thinking “I should have done this…” or “I could have spent 5 mins doing this and finishing it…”

Yes. I believe that happens to all of us at one point or another, it’s called “procrastination,” and we’ve been doing it even before we knew what the word meant. It was fine and dandy, up until the point where I realized that I’m not going anywhere by pushing things off tomorrow.

Let me ask you this because I asked myself this during my moments of reflection Would you push off your dreams and wait until tomorrow? Would you push off what you aspire to be, and just think “yea…I will become the greatest _________…tomorrow…”? The answer is a simple no. Because if you have something you aspire to do or become, if you have a dream to fulfill you wouldn’t wait until another day, you would grasp every moment of it—because time is precious and there is no point in holding off something for tomorrow when you can do it now.

The reasons for procrastination are countless, mostly I would venture to think it’s due to our laziness…another part is because we are scared.

Or at least I am.

I know I hold off doing so many things because I’m scared of the outcome, the follow through, the fact that I will fail at what I ventured to do. I don’t like to fail, I usually don’t. Which is hideously ironic, because the reason as to why I hardly ever fail, or “not succeed” is because I don’t try. I just don’t to it. I won’t lose that way right? No, because I held it off, because didn’t risk doing something, because I didn’t say what I thought at a specific moment the opportunity was lost and I have failed. Maybe not outwardly, but I failed myself.

I am done with missed opportunities. I am done with being scared of failure. Enough is enough. It’s time to change. No more “what-if(s)”. 

I encourage all of you who read this to try something new and venture into the unknown. Why not? You have nothing to lose.

Tidbit of the day: I spent a good 3 months debating and thinking of getting a blog. Another month and 1/2 deciding which blog-form to use and yet another 2 weeks on top of all of that to create something. I told myself I was “busy..and didn’t have time.” Could you imagine where I would be with this if I only started (3+1.5+0.5) ..5 months ago?! I would definitely have more than 4 posts up right now!

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by Ruby L., 19 year old girl from Vancouver


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003: Ruby Lin

Check me out while I figure out on how to format comments/notes/re-blogs with HTML!

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002: Eye-candy

I’ve thought about writing some book reviews about beauty books that I’ve been reading and I recently picked up a book called:

Eye Candy: 50 Easy Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes, by Lisa Mason

I got the book from the local library, because I wanted to try out different looks for my small, almond, Asian eyes. I already knew before getting the book that there wouldn’t be a lot of models with my eye-shape, if any but I picked it up anyways thinking that it didn’t hurt to skim through it.

The contents within, revealed much to what I expected: some basic tips about make-up, brushes, colour pallet, and so fourth. I’ve always been a trial and error sort of gal so I just flipped through that section and went to the good stuff—how to do eye-make up. I was pleasantly pleased and disappointed at the same time. I was pleased because there was a variety of ways on how to do eye-make up application (not so much application as pictures) with a whole array of colours but disappointed that I didn’t pick up this book 4 years ago when I was in grade 9 (roughly age 15).

As a girl who loves her make-up, I can enjoy this book simply for the lee-way it gives to younger girls who are first experimenting with eye-shadow colours. As a critic, I can say there isn’t much substance to the book—Mason does give different colours without saying which brands she uses which I liked, as so readers wouldn’t be forced to think they needed to buy a specific brand—yet there wasn’t much technique/application skills that I learned. Basically, I came to the conclusion that if you understand the colour wheel to a certain extent…or if you don’t try to work red OVER green with black…trial and error is the best way to go.

I commend the book for the fact that it does what the author intended for that specific market of pre-teen-teenage girls looking to try on make up. With that understanding, I would give the book a 2.5 out of 5; I didn’t learn much…but then again, you don’t learn a lot unless you give it a try and see what works for you.

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